Clients, Kids and Heirlooms

    Mrs. Alexandra Harris
    Mrs. Alexandra Harris with her daughter Valentina
    Alexandra wears her Oli and Tess diamond ring
    Mrs. Kara Chine, with her son Jack and daughter Olive
    Kara wears her bespoke ring in 18k gold and chrysocolla and her 
    diamond wave ring, made from her mother’s diamonds. Kara also had
    a ring made for her sister❤️
    Mrs. Anne Allegrette and her daughter Lola
    Anne wears her diamond threaders with her 3 stone ring
    Mrs. Shauna Nuzzo and her daughter Georgia. Shauna 
    wears her diamond drop necklace that was customized 
    with 4 diamond flowers to represent each of her 4 kids
    Mrs. Janice Taylor and her son Owen
    Janice wears her sapphire birthstone earrings and
    flat flower chain. Stay tuned for more photos of Janice
    as she is an avid collector😎
    Mrs Brandy Nuschy and her daughter Kendall
     Mrs Brandy Nuschy and her daughter Kendall
    Brandy wears her 3 stone ring with electric blue opals
    I am having a lot of fun shooting this new series. And yes, I am the photographer too😀
    More pictures coming soon!

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