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    As Unique As You Are

The Oli and Tess Flower

People need to feel connected, now more than ever.
My core design philosophy is that each piece I produce has a human connection at it’s heart, and my mission is to create and maintain multi-generational connections. The Oli & Tess flower is a symbol of unity with its petals all connected. I designed it for my family but since then, the Oli & Tess unity flower has evolved; friends have bought gifts for each other as mementos of life- long friendships and others have felt a connection to particular gemstones. Whatever it means to you, I want you to feel beautiful and connected.

Oli and Tess jewelry is not manufactured in China or Mexico. It is handmade by my goldsmith and master jeweler. It is limited because I am an artist, not a manufacturer. When you touch an Oli and Tess piece you can feel the luxurious difference and know you have something special that no one else has.

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