Exclusive home try-on service in partnership with MEMO™.


Explore your favorite pieces from Oli & Tess in the comfort of your home. No sales people hanging over your shoulder.


We are delighted to offer our clients the freedom of discovery with our intimate home try-on service in partnership with MEMO™.

Simply select the Home Try-On option to experience how a piece feels to have it in your life. Try it on, experiment and have fun styling the piece. You have three days to decide if it’s right for you. If you love it, buy it and make it yours. If you don’t, simply send it back in our easy-to-use package. Free 2-day insured shipping and returns is included.

The Oli and Tess flower is a symbol of unity. Feminine strength that binds relationships together…

When one experiences a handmade Oli & Tess piece, it becomes understandable why the collection has gained such praise from her avid followers. Oli & Tess is a collection of wearable heirloom worthy pieces to appreciate up close and to collect over time. We can’t imagine a better, more intimate place to experience this than at home.


We hope you enjoy this special service. For more information, please visit MEMO™ Home Try-On FAQ's.




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