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Motherhood is a Gift

Motherhood is a gift.
I am so grateful to be able to experience it. It did not come easy for us. After many losses we finally had two healthy kids. I wanted more. My husband said don’t tempt it. Don’t be greedy. We had Oli and Tess. Our unit was completed.
Our struggle for our family has never left me. Our unit is the greatest thing we have ever created. I am grateful every day. That was the impetuous for Oli and Tess, feeling connected to my family through an adornment, a gorgeous adornment of course! People need to feel connected, now more than ever.
My core design philosophy is that each piece I produce has a human connection at it’s heart, and my mission is to create and maintain multi-generational connections. The Oli & Tess flower is a symbol of unity with its petals all connected. I designed it for my family but since then, the Oli & Tess unity flower has evolved; friends have bought gifts for each other as mementos of life- long friendships and others have felt a connection to particular gemstones.

All photos are of actual collectors, their kids and the jewelry they will inherit. It’s been a brilliant project of mine and I am truly grateful for the time given by all of my “models”😎

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