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Welcome to Oli & Tess

Home of heirloom fine jewelry--personal, feminine pieces--made to be worn every day and cherished for generations.

About The Designer

Polly Wheatley

My passion for opals was ignited when my then boyfriend, now husband, bought me a Victorian opal and diamond ring from his native Scotland. I was fascinated by its color and depth. When our daughter was born, she was the first girl to be born on my husband’s side of the family in 130 years. We were expecting a boy and when I saw her, pink and round with dazzling electric blue eyes, I knew immediately that I would create an opal ring in her honor.

And that’s how the Oli & Tess collection began.

Design is in my blood. I ran a successful clothing line for 5 years and my dresses were worn at the Academy Awards, on TV and film, and I had an impressive Hollywood following with editorial features in InStyle, Glamour, Lucky and W magazine. Then I moved abroad and started my family and the opal ring that celebrated my daughter’s birth marked the beginning of my jewelry line.

My Approach

I draw my inspiration from the natural world and travel to far-flung destinations. I adore color, be it vivid blue eyes, sun-kissed hair, turquoise oceans lapping sandy beaches. I want to gather them up and wear them all. A beautiful crystal opal embodies a rainbow of colors--it’s like an entire vacation in one stone.

You’ll notice that flowers are an obsession for me, and their colors and design inspire my work. The Oli & Tess flower is a symbol of my family’s unity: feminine and strong with an infinite love that binds us together.

The Oli & Tess collection was founded in my own process of making that first ring. Whilst that ring was for me, I knew one day it would be my daughter’s. Every piece is made with great care and love to ensure longevity.

The Process

Every piece of jewelry is designed by me. Then my creative team in Los Angeles, which has handcrafted fine jewelry for more than 40 years, hand-pours the gold into a 3D printed wax mold of my design. Once cast, my diamond setter meticulously handsets the stones (we only use the top vs1 diamonds) and polishes the piece to perfection.

The process ensures that your Oli & Tess jewelry will stand the test of time in terms of quality, design and style.

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